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Cities are the prominent physical manifestation of major Nations in the game and are the main source of Victory Points. They are where citizens live, improvements built and yields accumulated. Cities are founded by a Settler unit on a map tile that's part of a "city Site" cluster. Cities can also be conquered by military units from a rival nation, which gain control of the city after a short transition period.

Familiy Affiliation[edit]

Upon founding or gaining control of a city, a player must assign one of the available Families to it. Doing so applies the familiy class bonus to the city and changes some Opinion modifier for all the families. If the city is the first for its family, it becomes the Family Seat and gain another unique bonus. Most family classes prefer their cities to be close to each other.

Family Class Family Cities Family Seat Notes
  • +4Culture.png per turn
  • +20% output from Mine & Lumbermill improvement
  • New Siege & ship units gain Ingenuity promotion
  • -2 turns to build Urban improvements
  • Free Worker unit upon founding


Yields & Production[edit]

Citizens & Growth[edit]

Cultural Levels[edit]

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Defense System & Combat[edit]