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Cities produce Military Units with their Training.pngTraining. Unused Training.pngTraining goes into the Global stockpile, which can be used to buy Orders.pngOrders, conduct a Forced March, and for Unit Promotions and Upgrades. (You can stockpile a maximum of 2000 Training.pngTraining with excess converted into Orders.pngOrders at a rate of 100 Training.pngTraining per Orders.pngOrder.) Increase Training.pngTraining by producing Miners and building Barracks or Ranges. Global Training.pngTraining also comes from members of your Court with high No Icon FoundCourage.

Mines provide Training.pngTraining if built over No Icon FoundOre. Later, you get Ranges and the Rally Troops mission (requires the Military Drill Technology). Both Barracks and Ranges can build Officer Specialists, which can provide a lot of Training.pngTraining.

Families that are Champions, Riders, or Hunters are better at generating Training.pngTraining in their cities.

Summary Table[edit]

This table looks only at city-produced (Local) Training.pngTraining, as that's the only type of training used to build units directly.

Source Training
City (Base) +8 Training.pngTraining
Roman cities
+2 Training.pngTraining
Champion, Hunter, Rider family cities
+2 Training.pngTraining
Treasury with Professional Army Law
+2 Training.pngTraining
Mine Improvement with No Icon FoundOre on a Hill
+2 Training.pngTraining
Mine Improvement with No Icon FoundOre on a Hill with a Miner +4 Training.pngTraining (in total)
Champion Family Seat +25% Training.pngTraining
Each Barracks and Range +20% Training.pngTraining
City Governor +x% Training.pngTraining based on character No Icon FoundCourage