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Mods are user-created modifications to the game.

List of Mods[edit]

This is an alphabetical list of mods currently available for download. Most mods are located at the Mod Sharing Old World Addicts subforum.

Name Author Latest Version/Update Released On Description
AntiquityMod bluepotato 19 May 2020 Adds a scenario of the Mediterranean and the Middle East, with true starting locations for all nations and some tribes. All nations are available for selection.
AZERTY Keyboard Keybind Mod MasterPaw 10 May 2020 Exchanges Z key with W and Q with A for AZERTY keyboards.
Byzantine Empire Dale 10 May 2020 Adds the Byzantine Empire to the game. No art assets yet, but it's "completely separated (so can be used as a template to make your own nation) and doesn't cheat by referencing any other nations tags".
French Translation Mod MasterPaw 22 May 2020 A work in progress French localization mod.
Fully Populated mod vrbones 17 May 2020 Increases barbarian population ratio to 100% for all barbarian choices (apart from "no barbarians") and adds a warrior to each start.
Multiplayer Mohawk Games 8 May 2020 "Various modifications to make the multiplayer experience more balanced and enjoyable."
Old World After the End Old World lajostueur 10 May 2020 Implements three nations (Númenor, Yugoslavia and Britannia), with their own leaders, powers, units and improvements. The nations are based on a CK2 mod with an identical name.
Westeros Map etel 11 May 2020 A work in progress Westeros map.