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Section to collect FAQ on various how to dos:

Spread borders[edit]

  • Build any urban building next to the border (restriction: most urban buildings need 2 adjacent urban tiles, tech requirement)
  • Build an hamlet next to the border (restriction: limited number of hamlets per city, tech requirement)
  • Build a religious building next to the border (restriction: requires a disciple to build, tech requirement)
  • Tech Bonus card "Border Boost"
  • Make urban tile next to the border (restriction: Leader must be Builder-Archetype, requires 2 adjacent urban tiles)
  • Build a Wonder next to the border (restriction: Wonder specifics)
  • Buy tile (restriction: requires Colonies law or Landowners family seat)

Raise a characters opinion of your leader[edit]

  • Via your Leader: ...
  • Via his religion: ...
  • ... work in progress ...

Raise a families opinion of your leader[edit]

Some ways to increase family opinion:

  • Send the family a luxury
  • Influence / intercede the head
  • Appoint a councillor (Ambassador / Chancellor / Spymaster) from that family (even better if it's the head)
  • Make the family head a governor or general
  • Check the bonuses and penalties for that family (F1, family classes). Each family has a building and a law that will increase their opinion, as well as other factors which it may be possible to influence.
  • Found a new city and give it to the family
  • Convert the family head to your religion (or convert to theirs)
  • Increase their religions opinion of you (influence religion head, build religious buildings, make state religion etc)
  • Use the family gifts mission via your Chancellor
  • If the family head really dislikes you, assassination is an option with a Spymaster. The new family head may like you more.

Create a minor city[edit]

The requirement for creation of a minor city is:

  • All land tiles adjacent to any of the urban tiles connected to the city site need to in your empires borders.
  • The minor city will be created the turn after all adjacent tiles are in your borders.