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Collection of rules/mechanics easily or often overlooked.

Rules / Mechanics[edit]

  • "Marry family" generates new family members, if there are no suitable candidates. An ignored candidate is not added to the family though.
  • Workers take an extra order to build an improvement in another families area.
  • Horses give instant 250gold, if destroyed by a urban building.
  • Generals get the same XP as their unit, which is an option to level them quickly. (uncertain: if xp from discipline is granted too)
  • Family religion is based on the number of followers in the family. The religion with most followers will become the family religion. The families head counts twice.
  • Invisible units (Schemer Scouts!) can enter truce-neighbour borders.


  • There is an overview of all cities you got an agent network in -- click the agent icon on the top right of the city tab in the screen's top-right to access it.

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