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Selling remaining orders

The Orders system is a key concept in Old World, determining the number of actions a nation can perform in a single turn. OrdersOrders.png are gained in the beginning of every turn, based on a variety of factors (listed below) and are used to move & take actions with units, appoint Council members etc. Remaining orders at the end of a turn will be sold to the market for 10 gold each. Orders may also be traded between nations in a trade agreement. Some Events can also affect the number of orders in a certain turn.

Gaining Orders

Each turn, orders are automatically gained through the following ways:

via Characters:

  • Leader Archetypes and Trait:
  1. Orator +2 Orders.png per city with friendly family
  2. Schemer +2 Orders.png per ongoing war with a nation or tribe
  3. Robust trait +1 Orders.png for each city
  • Governor:
  1. Robust trait +2 Orders.png

Additional orders can be bought for 100Training.png or for a variable amount of No Icon Found, after completing Coin Debasement Technology. Leaders of the Schemer Archetype can buy 6 additional orders for each Legitimacy point.

Assyria gains +2 Orders.png per military unit they kill.

Spending Orders

Orders are spent on the following actions:

  • 1Orders.png for each unit movement, until reaching fatigue limit.
  • 2Orders.png for each unit movement while forced to march (requires spending 100Training.png per unit).
  • 1Orders.png for each worker action (also applies to cutting & removing trees or scrub before placing an improvement).
  • 1Orders.png for each improvement being constructed.
  • 1Orders.png for promoting or upgrading a unit.
  • 1Orders.png for Adding or removing a General to a unit.
  • 2Orders.png for appointing a Council member (Chancellor, Ambassador & Spymaster), Governor or Agent.
  • 2Orders.png for each mission by a Council member, Courtier or Agent.